Naenaegod (sheepy) logo. an orange N overlapping with a light blue N, and a Pink G beside them.

Hello, I am Sheepy (also known as Naenaegod on twitter (formerly) and Schizo Twitter (currently)), I have been terminally online for like a decade and probably need to go outside

What do I do

This site is generally gonna be about my art. I like to make things in a lot of forms:

I have done CG for many things, such as my own game projects, gamejam(s), and Panckershack


A shocked picture of panckershack, the main character of panckershack, who has long bangs which cover his eyes.

Panckershack is a webcomic by me and jeijji.
It follows an unemployed 20 something (name of Panckershack) as he is stringed into a series of events ending in him battling the Yakuza for his city. It's pretty funny and the art is really good (thanks to jeijji) so I'd totally recommend checking it out.

I do a majority of the Backgrounds for panckershack in blender. You can check out some pictures in the gallery, or just check out the comic and see for yourself. It's by far the biggest project I'm currently involved in, and definitely the most impressive.